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Episode 105- the one with hot ice

Join us as we interview the world traveling Big Papi Franco Varga as we talk his career, and his big match with Jonathan Gresham as well as our usual tomfoolery. 

Epsiode 104- the one with the drunk uncle dad bod

Its NXT Takover tonight so its a perfect time to get caught up on our latest episode! From AEW announcments to Living in the now with Hale Collins. 

Episode 103- the one with the full house

Have Mercy!!!! We have the Uncle Jesse of Pro wrestling on with us this week and what an interview we have in store for you! 

Episode 102- the one with a pizza party

Straight and to the point this week, lots of wrestling talk from every corner of the wrestling biz! Plus another sponsorship announcment. 

Episode 101-The one with Mark Adam Haggerty

Take a ride with us to find out how to break into the wrestling business from podcasting and so much more in this super fun but informative interview! 

Episode 100!! The one where we get nasty

We made it 100 episodes and we think its just the time to get a little nasty. Join us as we talk with the Gym Nasty Boys in an interview thats not for the faint at heart. 

Episode 99-The one thats actually 99

Yes it really is episode 99! We go over the G1, AEW's start on TNT as well as Summerslam matches. Also dont miss the return of Leo London as he talkes about his dream match coming to life! 

Episode 98- the one when we forgot the episode number

Its episode 99!! Or is it 98! We dont know anymore??? Irreguardless...listen in to a great episode of wrestling talk.

Episode 97- the one with Tony Deppen

Another show, Another Great Interview! We talk with Tony Deppen about backyard wrestling, where his style came from and whats next as well as our normal shenanigans. 

Episode 96- The one with the combo #6

In this episode we talk with "The Sauce" Alex Zayne. We go over everything from his backyard roots to the indies to his future goals. Listen and Eat 🌮