Brotherly Love Wrestling Podcast

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Episode 92- the one with a word from your sponsors

From Dominion to AEW to John Cena getting really excited 🍆, we touch on it all this week. Plus ya gotta hear what we announce! 

Episode 91- the one in the fastlane

Strap in cause we are in the fastlane this week. You will not be dissappointed when tuning in to this episode. From NXT to NJPW, we cover it all. 

Episode 90- the one with rose colored glasses

What else would we talk about besides AEW?? Wasnt that the only thing going on in the wrestling business? Well tune in and find out!! 

Episode 89- The one where we double down

We jump into our winners and losers of the week, discuss the ugliness that is the 24/7 championship belt and talk about some tshirt company having a ppv. I know weird right? 

Episode 88- the one with the game changer

We discuss the biggest news in wrestling...the Saudi show. Just kidding, we dive into what AEW signing on with TNT means for the business as well as this weeks winners and losers and much more!

Episode 87- The one with the penis documentary

We sit down with the creators of This Is Wrestling the Joey Ryan Story and have a fantasic talk. So listen in and get excited for a very special film.

Episode 86- the one with the TV deal

WWE is making it real hard for us to have a show! Good thing AEW stepped it up this week! 

Episode 85- the one with the announcement

A BIG announcement leads off the show, then we get into the nitty gritty of the past week in wrestling

Episode 84- the one with the glorious mustache

From the Firefly Funhouse to the Big O, from a masked man GTS to the War Machine Viking Experience. There is not many topics we dont touch on this week. 

Episode 83-The one with the best “experience”

Experience our take on the superstar shakeup, the latest on the screwjob and a special "Amazing" birthday shout out.