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Episode 116- the one with BlissKross

With Hell in a Cell and Raw being dissapointing as hell, did NXT & AEW make our week better? Tune in to find out! 

Episode 115- the one with the handy in the ally

Week 1 of the Wednesday Night Wars is done and over but we have all the analysis you need! Listen in and find out what we thought!

Episode 114- the one where Jesus Wooooo’d

In an episode as weird as our title we discuss the changes to the wrestling landscape and what it means going forward 

Episode 113- the one where Jersey sucks

Brad rush kicks off our show tonight and starts it with a bang! We find out his what makes him tick. Along with this great interview is our regular show. 

Episode 112- The one where Gulak is Wrestling

Rory Gulak is Back...and hes talking to us about his recent tour of Europe, finally competing in bloodsport and why "Vince" is listening. 

Episode 111- the one with synergy

We talk with Synergy Pro Wrestling promoter Colin West as we are introduced to a new company and a different way of thinking about wrestling shows. 

Episode 110- the one where we grapple pick

Tonight we talk with promoter Dan Scotti of Pizza Party Wrestling to talk about the company, the upcoming card and what's ahead. 

Episode 109- the one where everything is awesome

From this week in wrestling to rumors to breaking down the AEW All Out card we cover it all this week! 

Episode 108- the one where everybody dies

Tonight we are joined by Lance Hoyt! Listen as we talk NJPW, KES and what's up next. Also find out who does an amazing, spot on Stone Cold impression. 

Episode 107- the one with Matt Makowski

We talk with a black belt in BJJ and former MMA competitor and current pro wrestler Matt Makowski. Find out why and how he transitioned from MMA to wrestling and where he goes from here.